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Gadi’s ‘Giant and the girls’ show sparks conversation
Gadi Ramadhani poses for a photograph next to one of his works themed Giants and the Girls.   PHOTO | ESTHER MNGODO  Gemma Todd stood in the middle of Sabrina and Cece and together, they keenly observed the painting hanging on the wall.  “The fact that this is a big man, and what looks like a very small woman next to him, represents male dominance, I think. She is fragile and vulnerable, while he is big and intimidating,” Gemma, a Dar es Salaam based researcher says to her friends who had [...]
In Tanzania’s election, it’s the cartoonists who are capturing what matters to voters
It’s been a drama-filled election season in Tanzania. A former president has branded the opposition “idiots.” One candidate took to doing pushups to demonstrate his fitness to be president. Another suggested he was worthy of support based on his religion. Meanwhile, a parliamentarian trying to hang onto his seat physically assaulted one of his challengers. And we are not done yet. There is still a little over three weeks to go before voters head to the polls on Oct. 25. Ostensibly there are [...]
Exploring New Ideas in Photography
Our author Thom Ogonga took a closer look at the exhibition that photographer James Muriuki curated at the Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi. Installation view Frontiers of the Present, 2016, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi. Photo by the author Photography on the continent has grown rapidly since the turn of the millennium and has seen young African photographers gain global recognition as a result of showing bits of the continent that were never before seen. Photographers have been telling stories [...]
Promoting women’s rights with every brush stroke on canvas
By Esther Kibakaya Gadi Ramadhani is a 29-year-old visual artist and curator who lives in Dar es Salaam. born in Kigoma, he started drawing as a child and later went to studyDesign Foundation and Print Making in South Africa. Like many young artists, his contribution to the industry has grown immensely over time while he continues to spread his positive messages through his art work. He has also used his voice through arts to touch the lives of many, a good example is one of his exhibition [...]
Artists conceptualise, contextualise African art
Art Yak with CHANDA MWENYA MODZI Art Centre, located at the Swedish International School in Lusaka, is becoming a vital platform on the Zambian art scene.   Since inception, the centre has hosted some important art exhibitions and varied art activities, featuring some celebrated local and international acts in visual arts, music and media art. Last Saturday, the centre hosted an important meeting for local artists who convened to discuss art under the theme “Conceptualise, contextualise and [...]